“Relax, cease striving and know that I am God.” I will be exalted among the nations, I will be exalted in the earth!” Psalms 46:10
“Our Lord made the way for every Son of Man to come into communion with God. The Saints do not end in crucifixion; by the Lord‘s grace, they end in glory.” *
Our God is extravagant! We see it daily in His Creation. We see His beauty in flowers and trees when blossoms dazzle us in Spring. God has made so many things in abundance that have no practical necessity but are magnificent. Did He have to make more than 60,000 tree species to partake in the oxygen cycle? Do we really need more than 400,000 flower types? Yet we have them and they demonstrate in part the nature and essence of our God.
And snow! I love snow! Everything seems so silent as it falls! Snow can totally cover the earth reminding me of His purity! Extravagant!
Have you paused to gaze at a sunset or a sunrise lately? How many days pass and we never stop to notice the splendor of color? Yet the sun rises and sets each day. The moon and stars so beautifully decorate the night… Magnificent extravagance!
Lift up your heads, see how the heavens express the glory of God! Praise Him for His handiwork! God poured His extravagance on us in creation. But the greatest, most magnificent act of God was the sacrifice of His Son Jesus who died and rose again! Jesus gave His life that we may enjoy the Lord’s extravagant love and grace and beauty for all eternity.
What a God — He is like no other! Grace is the overflowing extravagance of God toward us that we can know and feel. Let us take the rest of our lives and be constantly looking for all the signs of Him. And then as the Psalmist encourages us, “relax, cease striving and know that He is God”
*Quote by Oswald Chambers © Valerie May

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