He is the God who Hears

I think of Chicken Little, “The sky is falling, the sky is falling!

We know it’s not. Sometimes it feels like it. Right now so many in my family, many friends and church family are dealing with ‘stuff’. And that seems to be more the norm than not anymore in this world.

Physical health, business crisis, death, cancer, financial hardship, broken relationships … I could go on, but need I?

I believe and I know that in difficulty or joy – God is God and I trust Him. I believe He is the God who hears and Who loves us.

I want that ingrained in my heart and mind: He is the God who hears. And He is not unaware of our frailty, our fears, or our circumstances.

I give Him the glory – because of Who He is —not because He does things, which I know He does in His time. In the meantime I will worship Him because of WHO He is: the God who reigns, the Prince of Peace, the God who hears, the God who loves us, who sent His son to deliver us from sin and evil: and because of Jesus Christ, I can approach the throne of God in His name and know He hears me and hears the names of those I bring before His throne. 

Hallelujah! In Jesus name!


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