Jesus: Unconditional Love

Jesus: Unconditional Love

Jesus is unconditional love: His sacrificial love was unconditional love. Jesus showed us, and gave us, unconditional love. When we come to believe and read and breathe in that love, it changes us: He changes us from the inside out. 

The greatest gift we can give to another is unconditional love. When others experience unconditional love, which is sadly lacking in this world, they will long for more and then we can tell them about and point them to the Source of this love. 

He is the One Who changes hearts: not us. And no amount of judging, shaming, ostracizing, turning our backs on another will change a person, or forcing another to live under man-made rules/laws. 

Jesus never did that: at the very least He explained the spirit behind the commandments and laws. He was a friend of sinners, foreigners, outcasts, the sick, the dying, even the dead. Love, for Jesus, was an action verb – as it should be for us.

He gave of Himself: teaching truth, healing others, showing compassion and mercy toward others, listening to others, feeding others, serving others and He prayed for others and for His followers.  

Should we, as His followers, be and do any different? A person does not change, unless it from the inside – heart-soul-mind, by Jesus. It may be a miraculous immediate change or change the size of a mustard seed that grows over time. And yes there are those who harden their hearts, who are not interested, who chose to go their own way. We can still pray for them and be available to them when they seek us out.

 It’s done by love- no other way.  He said “for God so loved the world” and  “love one another”. Are we living in that love: are we being that love to others? 

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