It’s Who You Know!

who you knowJehoshaphat, king of Judah, learned about faithfulness the hard way.

He began his reign by faithfully obeying God’s commands.  (2Chronicles 17:3-9). But he entered into a  military alliance with Ahab, king of Israel, against God’s will. The results were disastrous and God was displeased. No wonder Jehoshaphat was anxious when more invading armies approached his kingdom! .

This time the king and his people all sought the Lord: confessed their powerlessness and cried to the Lord for help and the Spirit of the Lord answered saying THE BATTLE IS THE LORD’S! They found the enemy destroyed!

Faith Knows Who to call on and remembers what He has done!

HE HAD BEEN FAITHFUL IN THE PAST AND THEY KNEW HE WOULD BE FAITHFUL IN THE PRESENT  – Jehoshaphat knew what the Lord had done in the past and this enabled him AND the people to have FAITH enough to trust God in this present crisis.

This is critical in regards to building our faith. His appeal was based on GOD’S HELP IN THE PAST!!!!! Remember what the Lord has done for you! How He has blessed you and has taken care of you – even when you didn’t realize it! KNOW that He is taking care of you right now – no matter what your circumstances are!  Remember – it’s Who you know and we know the Lord, God Almighty!!!

On the Journey … Valerie May

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