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Back to the Basics

In John 25, Jesus heals a blind man and some of the Jewish folks marched the now seeing man before the Pharisees whose perfunctory behavior was true to form: “obviously Jesus cannot be from God because he didn’t keep the Sabbath.” Talk about missing the big picture! They were always focusing on the wrong things. …

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Is everything sad going to become untrue?” Prayers for Oklahoma

Is everything sad going to become untrue?” A few years ago my husband, Larry, read Tim Keller’s book ‘The Reason for God’ and I wanted to share some of his thoughts from the book on suffering as it relates to the joy of heaven. In light of the recent tornadic devastation in Oklahoma, I think …

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Getting Together

I have been thinking a lot lately about the importance of spending time with others. That is due in part to the recent loss of a person very dear to my heart and to the undeniable fact that I am turning 60! And His Word also encourages us to get together. I want to spend …

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