“Do What He Tells You”

Jesus’s first miracle, turning the water into wine, is a quiet miracle. He didn’t do it in the midst of crowds or in the temple. Even the master of the house didn’t realize what was going on. We know that his mother was there and some servants who, because they listened and did what He asked, actually became co-workers with Jesus. We should be so blessed to be considered coworkers with Christ. We are, as we follow Him faithfully everyday and do all we do as unto the Lord. When we bring our “plain water” or our talents, at His bidding, He can change and multiply what we bring to bless others, whether they are wedding guests or weary and faint of heart. The servants carried only common water from the spring but with Christ’s blessing it became good wine. So it is when we do Jesus’ bidding: our most mundane work leaves redeeming results.

Our day to day journey sometimes feels monotonous or like drudgery and we wonder if we making a difference. It feels like we’re just carrying water every day and that it is nothing special. But if we are using our talents and abilities, faithfully following Him, we are being transformed more and more into the likeness of Jesus. It’s like the story we always hear about the sewing of a beautiful tapestry. If you look on the working side it looks like a huge mess of tangled threads but when you turn it over it’s a beautiful masterpiece. We do not know the real splendor of the things we are doing when we go about our daily life. What seems like only giving a cup of cold water to another human being is actually blessed service to one of God’s children, and it’s noted and will be rewarded by our Father in Heaven.

John 2:1-11

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