Pace Yourself

Pace Yourself

I want to get back “in the race” now- but it may take six months to year. The reason why: nerve damage and back surgery which has kept me pretty close to home and is slow to heal.

I want to be well now. (I always picture my granddaughter’s book, The Pout Pout Fish, when I say that.)

Truthfully, this time of healing is a part of my race, which is a marathon and not a sprint ( I’ve been quoted that numerous times).

I have to remind myself, constantly check myself, and slow down the pace for a while. No “BLT” is the doctor’s orders- no bending, lifting or twisting. Harder to do than say. On the upside, I have more time to write, reflect, pray for others and read. My daughter said, “I think it’s all a matter of perspective mom 🙂 Jesus has physically slowed you down so that you can be still in the presence of God. Who knows how many more times in your life that you’ll have the chance to just “be” with Him like you can be now?” That is the truth! (Oh and she also reminded me that we have two weddings coming up.)

We live very fast pace “ought to do“ lives. And it is now November and the holidays are coming. There’s lots to do: holiday shopping, cooking, decorating, parties, family gatherings, traveling and all on top of the normal business of our lives.

Pace yourself. I’m speaking to myself as well as everyone else. I will be learning to pace myself at a whole new level over the next few months, still keeping my eyes fixed on Jesus -who loves us just as we are and who is at work in our lives every day. The race is day to day, a daily choice to persevere and I pray that we all will take time to focus on the Lord during these busy holiday months.

Hebrews12:1-2 “… And let us run with perseverance the race marked out for us, fixing our eyes on Jesus, the pioneer and perfecter of faith.”

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