Where is Your Treasure

Where your treasure is, your heart will also be.

IMG_2694 (1)

Halloween is so much fun. I know there can be a lot of mixed feelings on the holiday and its’ origins but that aside, for me it’s a time of fall festivals, imagining up fabulous costumes where we can dress up like anything we dream to be… and sugar- lots and lots of sugar. I also love this season- when the cool crisp fall air finally settles in and, on our little corner of the Earth, the leaves start this magical transformation, dancing in the wind in a fury of colors, decorating our land like confetti, celebrating the last months of another year.

As I looked through a month of pictures last night before bed, the one that stuck with me the most wasn’t one of my daughter in her beautiful pirate princess costume. It’s also not the adorable one from the pumpkin patch that took 15 snaps to get or the one of a classroom full of darling toddlers at their fall brunch party. It’s this one. My pirate princess’ was done trick-or-treating after about 6 houses, and this was all she had to show of her plunder. Yet she victoriously carried that buccaneer bag back to the house and would periodically take each piece of candy out to count and then put it back. She sat on her knees like this marveling at her candy last night before bed. This was HER treasure. I thought about this for a while after she fell asleep; when she wanted to head back to the house so soon my adult brain thought, I don’t know, maybe we need to get a bit more… she might be disappointed when she realizes how little candy she got. Truthfully, it’s not just about how few pieces of candy she got, it’s about how much more she could have had.

For this new season of Thanksgiving, I want to let the Lord take me back to this child-like place of gratefulness. I want for my heart to be in Him but when my treasure is something that’s always just one grasp away, it’s hard to focus on the truly important things in this life; the things that I have been blessed with; the people that I cherish; the time that I have. Those things are my rewards here on Earth and it’s my prayer right now that the Lord give me eyes to recognize those things and a heart to praise Him for it too. May I find myself many times this month in a prayer of Thanksgiving over my bountiful Earthly treasures. It’s not an easy or natural thing for me to do, but I know where I want my heart to be.

In the end, I find that when I stop thinking about the things that I don’t have and am purposeful about saying thanks for all that I do have, my heart is glad. And I want to live with a glad heart.

Happy November everybody.

Written by my daughter, Tiffany Noel
Scripture Ref: Matthew 6:21

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